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5 Reasons To Visit Laos: Southeast Asia’s Most Underrated Country

I don’t have enough fingers to count the number of backpackers we came across during our Southeast Asia (SEA) trip that were choosing to skip Laos. In fact, I don’t think we personally spoke to one other traveling soul that was going to Laos.  For many travelers, when they think of Southeast Asia they think of […]

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A Backpacker’s Guide to Exploring Vietnam

With so many incredible places to experience in Vietnam, you will — without a doubt — be wishing you had more time. For us, we spent 10 full days in the country beginning our adventure in Ho Chi Minh City and ending it in Hanoi.  From bustling city streets to pristine beaches, lantern-lit alleys to […]

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10 days Backpacking Cambodia

I’ll admit, apart from exploring the ancient complex of Angkor Wat, Cole and I had formed no other real expectations for backpacking throughout the rest of the country.  We have found though that anytime we enter a new place with this kind of mindset, we are bound to be amazed, time and time again.  And, that […]

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Backpacking Southeast Asia: Must See Destinations

Backpacking Southeast Asia (SEA) is practically a rite of passage for travelers these days. SEA is a traveler’s dream: cheap, beautiful, easy to navigate, and ladened with friendly travelers and locals alike.  The hardest part about planning your backpacking trip is choosing where to spend your time – unfortunately, trips can’t last forever (for most, […]

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